Discover ElliptiGo

elliptigo riders group shot

An ElliptiGo is an adventure in fitness.

We’ve attended every Interbike trade show for the last 30 years and in that time seen some really lame, wierd, and flat out useless contraptions. But ElliptiGo is the first genuinely new and useful bicycle since the mountain bike.

Not a toy

Humans were made to run. Our legs, posture, heart and lungs evolved so we could compete with other fleet footed animals for survival. ElliptigGo harnesses your natural running ability. It leverages that power with one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the bicycle.

By evolving the mechanics of the elliptical trainer, an ElliptiGo bike propels its rider from two to ten times a running pace. Instead of running 5 miles you cover 15 in the same time. And you do it without impact to ankles, knees, hips, or back.

Learning comes naturally

If you ride a bike you can ride an Elliptigo. This video proves it.


Watch these clips of actual First Time riders.


Fun 14 inches above the ground

ElliptiGos are fun! SUV drivers literally look up to you. The 20″wheels are light, the high pressure tires respond instantly. The ElliptiGo frame is engineered of 7000 series alloy to deliver your energy efficiently to the ground. The steering column adjusts for runner height, the treadles adjust for stride length.

Choose your gears

suburban riders

It turns your neighborhood into your gym. It turns every workout into a tour around town.

Choose the 3-speed 3C for level terrain, or the 8-speed 8C for the hills. Gearing lets you hold your comfortable pace as the road changes beneath you. The 3-speed features Sturmey Archer’s reliable internal gear, refined by Sun Tour with an aluminum hub shell and easy to use trigger shifter. And for serious distance there’s the 11-speed 11R.

The 8-speed features Shimano’s finest Alfina internal gearing,refined from their Nexus line. Found on $3,000 urban and trekking bicycles the Alfina hub can be shifted both coasting and under moderate pedal effort.

High gear on the 8 speed models is good for around 30 mph! Low on the 3-speed will get you up a 4% grade; low on the 8-speed is good for 10%. ElliptiGos climb far better than you might expect–  better than some bicycles,in fact–  because 1.) your legs are made for climbing,and 2.) Elliptigos are designed to leverage that climbing ability.