Europe 2018

  Riding down the Inn and Adige River valleys reduces the demands of point-to-point touring but leaves plenty of time for off-route exploring– challenging ups and thrilling downs for more experienced riders. And undiscovered treasures of history and art for the insatiably curious.

Spectacular roadside scenery is the norm in Schwitzerland.

Cobblestone streets encourage “relaxed” riding through scenic villages.

We travel tiny roads that inspire frequent gawking.

And these tiny roads take us where most tourists never venture.

And where relaxing is performed in authentic Swiss style.

We book 3-star hotels for their local charm and comfort.

And your cocktail hour comaraderie may include wine, and charcuterie.

Southern France has been nurturing humankind for over 20,000 years! No wonder the countryside can feel so welcoming, even as it’s kicking your butt. Pastoral river valleys will delight you, ancient villages will charm you, and inevitable daily climbs will challenge you.

The Lot and Dordogne Rivers offer picturesque villages aplenty. This is near our restaurant in Beaulieu.

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